Warehouse Services Singapore

Warehouse Services Singapore

LJC EXPRESS provides affordable, secure document storage / record management storage for all your paper documents and files. We provide Free boxes and security seal. If you have your own document carton boxes we can store them too!

Require Storage space in Singapore. Whether it’s short term or long term document storage, LJC EXPRESS have a solution for you. We deliver free Storage boxes to you in Singapore. You then pack your storage items into the box and we will come and pick up the boxes from you.

Feeling fussy since so many days as you have received an order in bulk and you need a warehouse to store your unfinished and finished goods in it. You are planning to take the services of a warehouse company but not able to locate the services of a warehousing company in Singapore, as you are new to Singapore. Don’t worry now you need not flip through the internet as an optimal solution is waiting for you. LJC express, a renowned warehousing company is an answer to all your unattended queries in the domain of warehousing logistics Singapore. We at LJC express understand that reliability is the prime concern of the client, therefore, our team possesses an unflinching zeal to toil hard to wipe out your concerns. Therefore LJC express is counted among the best Warehousing Services Singapore. Eager to know your achievement as a Warehouse fulfillment Services Singapore, scroll down to have a look at our achievements.

Why LJC express is the only choice of the clients?

Have a look at the following points to have a glance at what stands us apart from our competitors:
  • Convenient location: As a renowned warehousing Services Singapore, we understand the onus towards our clients and therefore, we put in our best efforts to offer you the most convenient locations as a warehouse logistics Singapore. With us, it also becomes easy for you to handle your business obligations.
  • Flexibility: We understand that the clients can make some emergency demands as well. Therefore, we design our warehousing fulfillment services in such a manner that it becomes easy to adapt to the changing needs of the clients.

  • Strengthens supply chain management: LJC express strengthens supply chain management on behalf of their clients. Therefore, clients are able to process the unfinished goods into finished goods at a quick pace without any obstacles.

  • We offer competitive storage services for as low as $2 per day, your goods can be stored securely with us.
Benefits of using our services:

There are some important benefits of using LJC express services:

  • We provide both unprocessed and finished goods warehousing solutions.
  • Customized warehousing services are also available that provides bottom-line services to the clients.
  • 24/7 services available at the low cost.
  • ntrusion detection and alarm systems
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • 24/7 central CCTV monitoring

Are you excited to shake hand with our superb range of services? If yes, we at LJC express are also waiting to serve you in the best mode.