How your business can benefit from an Ecommerce Logistics service 

The success of an ecommerce site can be seen to be hinged upon its ability offer convenient and timely deliveries. Customers want to be ensured that they can rely upon a quality delivery service that will deliver their purchases in a timely fashion. At LJC Express we provide our ecommerce clients with a range of services which will help establish a trusted relationship between them and their clients. Our vision is to provide our clients with a quality service and seamless experience, subsequently establishing ourselves as the lead in local courier and logistics industry.

One of LJC Express greatest features is that we offer convenient same-day delivery. It is immensely important in the world of business that you offer services that your competitors do not. This will help distinguish your company from others in the eyes of potential customers. Many companies are unable to offer reliable same day delivery, a company that can offer secure same-day deliveries for products show customers that their business is a priority. LJC Express makes it convenient for your company to fulfil the sudden needs of customer with same-day secure door to door deliveries. Furthermore, we provide modest rates for the rapid and safe delivery of over-weight products. While other couriers may determine the cost of products through its volumetric weight, LJE Express uses a different algorithm to ensure that our clients receive the lowest rates possible for their heavier products. 

At LJC Express, we understand that in this fast-paced and busy world there is a demand of quality service for ecommerce business. Upon establishing our company in 2005, LJC Express has strived to develop effective management strategies with success. Our secret is in our desire to provide the best results for our clients. Therefore, every contract is deliberated and tailored to suit the needs of each individual companies. We execute all business deal with our 6 core values in mind; efficiency, integrity, development, quality, respect and honesty. This ensures that all our customers get the premium LJC Express experience. We invite you to consult our team of professionals and see how engaging our services will help your company succeed exponentially.

Local Trade Show Coming Up? 4 Easy Tips to Have A Seamless Delivery

You got yourself a spot at the local trade show and it is important to do whatever it takes to get your items delivered properly in the nick of time. This is when you will require an experienced and professional carrier to do the job for you!

A trade show is a good opportunity to make a first good impression, especially if you want to raise your brand’s visibility. This means your items need to arrive safely and in a tip-top condition.

Initially, the official trade show carrier may be the first choice. However, it is wise to shop around for carrier services that have extensive experience in exhibiting transport as they may offer the exact same services that charge lower.

Look at these 4 easy tips to get the best seamless delivery experience where possible.

1) Prioritise your Delivery Deadlines


When you need to get your parcel delivered, it is important to work with a schedule that fits the time leading up to the tradeshow. This can happen effectively if you plan ahead of time and make sure that your parcel is ready to be delivered as scheduled. If you want to ensure that your parcels arrive on time, contact your carrier delivery service to find out how long it will take to deliver your parcel. Thereafter, contact the event venue as early as possible, to find out when they need the equipment.

At LJC Express, we ensure instant delivery to your doorstep with impeccable timing. You can even arrange the timing of when the items are collected and delivered so that you can have your equipment ready for the tradeshow.

2) Track your Parcel


Tracking your parcel can really benefit a customer and give him or her a peace of mind, they can organise their time better and feel a little more relaxed knowing where your parcel is exactly at. It gives you the convenience of keeping updated with your parcel’s delivery process, whether it is on schedule or behind time. Tracking systems provides a customer with first hand details of where your parcel is, for instance if it was sent out for delivery.

At LJC Express, each parcel is matched with a tracking ID for you to ensure it receives a seamless delivery.

3) Bulk Deliveries


It can be quite a hassle when you have a bunch of items to be delivered in a short span of time. This usually happens with tradeshows, with the big amount of load to be delivered, it can be a long process if you choose a single delivery option. This is viable for ecommerce businesses to save time especially if they have many items to deliver at one go.

At LJC Express, we can provide same day bulk delivery at a minimum time and this helps to effectively meet your business needs, all at a lower cost.

4) Exceptional Services


It is wise to check if your courier service provides with premium services that can make your delivery more seamless. These are certain perks which you can enjoy when you choose a courier delivery service. At LJC Express, we ensure that each client is assisted in the replacement of defective items which causes them minimum hassles. We also ensure that there are no misrouting issues ensuring your parcel is safely delivered.

Local tradeshows happen now and often and it is necessary to partner with a courier service that can boost the profitability of your products and services.


A journey of effortless convenience till your doorstep.

As quoted by Arthur C Nielsen, “Give your clients the earliest delivery consistent with quality – whatever the inconvenience to us”.

This is undeniably true for any business wanting to maximise their business in the shortest amount of time. In order to do so, it is important to partner up with a courier service you can trust. According to a consumer, they want to receive their orders as soon as possible and in the best condition.

Everyone dreams of receiving same day courier delivery. The responsibility of ensuring that a package is delivered to its recipient amidst the erratic weather conditions, hectic holidays as well as changing political climates, is not one to be taken lightly. If a courier service is successful in doing this, it will be highly beneficial for any business.

In the era of e-commerce, speed and reliability are crucial for a service to be delivered efficiently. Many businesses are turning to a courier service that meets these expectations.

As a business, it is also natural to work with a courier service partner that is different from the rest. One that stands out. With everyone using the same channel offering the same services, it is difficult to get an edge in the market. This just means more competition using that same particular channel, which only gives your business a lesser competitive advantage.

From the perspective of an entrepreneur, it is necessary to faster gain reliance from your consumers. This is one reason why same-day courier delivery is essential for your company.

Read on to find out more about how it can benefit you.

Greater Convenience for Customers

When it comes to delivery, everyone wants to enjoy the convenience of having their parcel delivered early. No one wants to wait for a long period of time, especially if they live within the same geographical radius as the delivery company. If a courier service provides convenient services, customers will choose it for speedy delivery. This acts as a greater incentive for customers to rely more on your company.

At LJC Express, we specialise in fast door-to-door services to meet all the requirements of your valued client. We understand the importance of same-day delivery and can offer you customised timings for you to collect your item. Call our customer service agents to book an appointment now.

Lower Your Shipping and Inventory Costs

Using a local courier service is less expensive as compared to hiring a shipping company that is out of state.

With this, it is possible to save more money and pass it on to your customers instead.

Same-day delivery allows a company to move their stocks out of the warehouse in an efficient manner. The amount of stockpile will heavily reduce and it will be easier to provide automated sorting for the additional order volume. This can further reduce your shipping and inventory costs.

Stay Ahead of The Game

Ever heard of the saying, know your competition better than the game? It is so important to know your competition’s business and offer services that they do not provide.

Some companies are involved in next day delivery along with other benefits. In this case, same-day delivery will better equip you to compete with other local businesses to retain loyalty and entice new customers to use your service.

Providing Exceptional Service

In order to build good and lasting relationships with customers, a business should be able to offer a service that is one of a kind. Profits will begin to slip over time and businesses will lose customers if exceptional customer service is not provided.

By using same-day delivery, LJC Express is able to stand out of the crowd and provide a unique service offering to its customers. Customers will now be able to receive their documents and packages without having to leave the office as compared to a traditional mail method, which might take a few days to complete.

Why keep on the wait when you can enjoy the comforts of same-day delivery now? Contact us today to get started on your new business fast and easy!

Did You Know? 3 Things That LJC Express Can Do For You!

It’s all you ever expected and more.

Selecting the right courier can be confusing and tricky business for many small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Many may simply be befuddled with the many courier options available to them.

Yet, it is so important to invest an adequate amount of time, energy and money into choosing an ideal courier that meets your business needs. In today’s increasingly globalised world, strengthening supply chain management is a need, not a luxury. You’re choosing the most crucial business partner you can ever have.

Over the last decade or so, LJC Express has been the courier of choice for many businesses. We have tailored individual strategic, effective courier, warehousing and management plans for our stable of acclaimed clients.

Read on for why LJC Express is your ideal choice with the 3 things that we can do for you — no matter what your business needs are!

1. Fulfil Secure Same-Day Deliveries

At LJC Express, we understand that quick delivery to clients is the cornerstone of any e-commerce business. Whether you’re sending high-priority, high-value items, you can rely on LJC Express’s specialist services in fulfilling speedy, yet secure, same-day deliveries. We provide the fastest door-to-door services to meet any sudden requirements your valued clients may have!

2. Fulfil Overweight Deliveries (>20kg)

Each shipping company determines the volumetric weight accordingly and sometimes it can be very costly. LJC Express holds different types of delivery services. You can guarantee a safe delivery of your overweight packages just by simply engaging with our friendly customer service agents to arrange for a booking at the cheapest rates and fastest delivery possible!

If you are in need of a professional courier services, look no further. Contact us today to get started on improving your business!